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Hi everybody! This is Taylor Cummings (obviously)… welcome to my site & my blog! First of all, I want to say thank you SO much for visiting taylorcummingslacrosse.com.  This has been a big project & something that has taken a lot of time & care, so to finally have it public & have visitors & blog readers & just flat out the smallest amount of interest in my site means so much to me. I couldn’t be more excited to get everything officially up & running, so once you’re done readying, go explore all the different parts of my site- there are some really cool things on here! The TCL site will have a bunch of different things happening on it daily, weekly, monthly, & so on, so be sure to visit it regularly! Taylorcummingslacrosse.com is the home of my weekly blog, registration links for camps, clinics, & lessons, an online store full of TCL apparel for sale, giveaways, & links to my YouTube page, all of my other social media handles, & so much more.  In terms of this blog, stay tuned every week for a special weekly post from me on every topic you could imagine- my family, friends, college experience, life after graduation, an inside scoop into Taylor Cummings Lacrosse, my recipes, random thoughts, & anything else I can think of for that week. Also, please feel free to suggest topics- trust me, anything will help! Every couple weeks I will be having a Q&A session on my Youtube channel, so ask away! Ok, well, I think that wraps up my first ever TCL blog, so stay tuned for another post next week. Have fun exploring my site… I’m so excited you’re here!