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Greetings from Taylor Cummings Lacrosse!

Happy 2017! I hope you’re having a great start to the New Year. A lot has been going on with Taylor Cummings Lacrosse in the few weeks since 2017 started and I want to tell you all about it.
My site, obviously, has officially launched! While my logo hasn’t made an appearance yet, it is ALMOST complete and will be released to the public very shortly. Lots of legalities have to happen before it’s ready to use!  In case you haven’t explored yet, my site has a blog segment written by yours truly (again, obviously), a store that will soon be full of a ton of #TCL apparel for purchase, and a training segment that allows you to register for clinics online and is home to all the details about any #TCL clinics.
I’ve also recently just begun my own YouTube Channel which has been so much fun. I get to share a little bit of my personal life, give viewers a look into my new position at Under Armour, and show everyone behind the scenes action of some pretty sweet events like Lax Con. In addition to having something to watch, you will also have the chance to win free giveaways when on my channel so make sure you subscribe and check it out!
In addition to working with UA and starting my own YouTube channel, I’m also about to start my Spring Clinic Tour of 2017. I’ll be putting on 10 clinics in 2 months across the entire country and I’m sure it will be a crazy ride. Please check out my Instagram and YouTube pages for details on all of these upcoming clinics, as well as an insight into my future locations.
If you have any questions about upcoming clinics or want to get one scheduled in an area near you, please email me at tcummings@taylorcummingslacrosse.com using the envelope button on the main page! Thank you all for making the first 6 months of Taylor Cummings Lacrosse so much fun for me… I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017!

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