The Grind…

2017 has been a whirlwind so far…. The past three months have been some of the busiest of my entire life. I’ve been traveling nonstop, giving lessons when in what little time I’m home, attending some major events, working out with my old Maryland trainer, filming YouTube videos every week, and still somehow managing to sleep and see my friends every once in a while.  January and February have been what I like to call “The Grind” and now it’s time to tell you all about it month by month.



The first month of 2017 was an especially busy one for me. I traveled to different parts of Maryland, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, and New York all within 31 days, some states more than once, to put on clinics for so many awesome girls. I had the opportunity to work with the TLC club team from Maryland, Walton High School (GA), the Buford (GA) youth group, Benjamin High School (FL), a youth group in Syracuse (NY), and another youth group in New Jersey, all within a month. Not to mention giving many lessons to my local Maryland girls during the week… boy I taught a lot!

In between all that travel, I had another training weekend for the national team, USA Spring Premiere. This event was the backdrop to an even bigger event: the final round of cuts for the World Cup team for Team USA and it proved to be tougher than ever. We ran our 300s test, had multiple practices, a clinic in between a tough morning practice and a game, and another game on the last day. At the end of it all, we knew that cuts would be made down the line, so that was especially hard to deal with mentally. That weekend was a mix of emotions for me: grueling, nerve racking, competitive, fun, humbling, and exciting. In the end, though, I was chosen to be one of the 18 members to represent our country in the 2017 FIL Women’s World Cup and, by doing so, accomplished one of my life’s dreams. [Please see my “Dreams” post if you want to hear more about it].

In addition to all that teaching and playing, I also was given the opportunity to speak at Lax Con which was AWESOME. I had never been to Lax Con before, so to see all the sites, hear amazing players and coaches speak, and have a chance to do so myself was a pretty incredible experience. I not only spoke about the draw, but had the chance to participate in the Team USA demo with all of my teammates which is always fun.

Overall, only one word could describe January: BUSY.



February was a little bit easier for me from a travel standpoint. I had multiple clinics that month, but only two of them were out of the state of Maryland: Ramsey, NJ and Charlotte, NC. Both of those clinics had awesome players with great talent and personalities, making them especially fun for Corinne and I. In case you don’t know, Corinne is my red headed best friend of almost 10 years. You’ll see her all over my social medias and YouTube channel.

Anyways, in addition to all the TCL clinics, I actually had the chance to put on a free clinic for Charm City Youth Lacrosse. I recently was added to the CCYL board and was super excited to participate in my first event with the organization. Katie Schwarzmann, fellow Terp and USA teammate, worked with the girls for two hours going over basic fundamentals and had a nice Q&A session to wrap it all up down in Baltimore at the UA House. Working with girls who were SO excited to be there and learn was by far the highlight of the day. Even if they hadn’t ever done anything like the drills we put them through, they gave it their all and had fun doing it. The girls made it such a fun environment to be in and gave Katie and I a great start to our Saturday morning!

The biggest highlight of February for me was being able to get back in the gym with my old UMD strength coach, Mike Szemborowski. He was my trainer at Maryland during my four years there and I knew, once I made the World Cup team, that he was the only person I wanted to work with. The World Cup will be a grind in itself, as we have the potential to play 7 games in 10 days, so our bodies need to be in peak shape come July. Given that I just graduated and usually work out on my own, I knew that I would need some help in the speed and strength departments. I started working out with Mike two days a week to help get me faster and stronger for the World Cup. He kicks my butt every time we meet, but I know it will be worth it in July!  Plus, it’s awesome to get to reconnect with him and relive the past four years. I can’t thank him enough for all the time and energy he puts into making me a better player and person.

One word for February: SWEATY.


Now that we’re into March, my January and February schedules will sort of mesh. I have many clinics, many lessons, and many training sessions left with Mike. While it definitely gets tiring in the moment, it is also SO totally worth it. I love what I do and I enjoy being busy all the time, so being right in the middle of a grind is perfectly fine with me…. With that said, let the grind continue….

#TCL Spring Newsletter

Greetings from Taylor Cummings Lacrosse!

Happy 2017! I hope you’re having a great start to the New Year. A lot has been going on with Taylor Cummings Lacrosse in the few weeks since 2017 started and I want to tell you all about it.
My site, obviously, has officially launched! While my logo hasn’t made an appearance yet, it is ALMOST complete and will be released to the public very shortly. Lots of legalities have to happen before it’s ready to use!  In case you haven’t explored yet, my site has a blog segment written by yours truly (again, obviously), a store that will soon be full of a ton of #TCL apparel for purchase, and a training segment that allows you to register for clinics online and is home to all the details about any #TCL clinics.
I’ve also recently just begun my own YouTube Channel which has been so much fun. I get to share a little bit of my personal life, give viewers a look into my new position at Under Armour, and show everyone behind the scenes action of some pretty sweet events like Lax Con. In addition to having something to watch, you will also have the chance to win free giveaways when on my channel so make sure you subscribe and check it out!
In addition to working with UA and starting my own YouTube channel, I’m also about to start my Spring Clinic Tour of 2017. I’ll be putting on 10 clinics in 2 months across the entire country and I’m sure it will be a crazy ride. Please check out my Instagram and YouTube pages for details on all of these upcoming clinics, as well as an insight into my future locations.
If you have any questions about upcoming clinics or want to get one scheduled in an area near you, please email me at using the envelope button on the main page! Thank you all for making the first 6 months of Taylor Cummings Lacrosse so much fun for me… I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017!


My dreams have changed over the years. At first, my dream was to learn how to ride a bike in an hour. Then it was to be an elite ice skater. And then it was to become a professional chef like Emeril Lagasse. I even had his recipe book and a Bam! apron. From a vet, to being a girl Tony Hawk, to a backup NSync dancer, my dreams were constantly changing. However, there have been two, ever since I was eight years old, that have not changed. My biggest dreams, for as long as I can remember, have been to one- win a national championship- and two- be on the US Women’s National Lacrosse Team.

Since I was little, I’ve been told to not only follow my dreams, but to make these dreams as big as possible. I’ve been told that if I have a passion for something and if I work as hard as I possibly can, that anything is possible.  My parents taught me that in order to achieve my dreams, there were a few necessary things I had to do along the way.

I had to outwork everyone around me and then some. “Be a hard worker. Be humble. And never stop being hungry,” is what they say to me to this day.

I had to dedicate time, so much time, to my dream. Time that could have been spent at the movies with friends or just laying on my couch became time spent working towards my dream, because I was taught that dreams don’t come true by waiting for them to happen on their own.

I had to make my individual skills as sharp as possible, which meant extra training, extra running, even more time. I had to work hard off the field in order to see results on the field.

I had to continue to be a good person throughout it all. Whether I became successful in my sport or if I never picked up a stick again, my parents didn’t care. They were ultimately concerned with making sure I was a good person, both a gracious loser and a gracious winner, a team first player, and a person who loved what they did and enjoyed it with every ounce of their being.

The most important thing my parents taught me about accomplishing MY dream was that in order to do it, I couldn’t think about me at all. I wanted to be a part of a team, to play on some of the best lacrosse teams in the world, which meant that my focus had to be on just that. On what I could do to make the TEAM better, on being the best TEAMMATE I could possibly be, on celebrating my TEAM’s successes even if I was playing the worst game of my life. I was taught that individual awards were not only the result of a team doing well, but that they were only even possible because of that team.  This team first mentality, even when connected to accomplishing my individual dream, was by far the biggest necessity of all in my parents’ eyes.

And I did all of those things. Ever since I picked up a stick at age five, I have worked my butt off. I’ve been hungry and a fighter, through every setback and accomplishment. I’ve dedicated hours upon hours of my life that I will never get back, all in hopes of accomplishing my dreams of winning a national championship and being on the WNT. I’ve honed my individual skills, done the extra work after practices, early in the mornings, and late at night. I’ve tried my best to remain a good person and an even better teammate through it all. I’ve created a lifetime’s worth of memories in the seventeen years I’ve played lacrosse and for that, I am forever grateful.

During college, I accomplished one of my dreams not once, but twice. As a Terp, I won two national championships and that feeling is one I’ve never been able to put into words. Those hours, days, and months following those wins were easily some of the best ones of my life. After so much work, my team and I accomplished OUR dreams together, which was more satisfying than I could have ever imagined.

I still had one more to go though… one more dream to accomplish. After I graduated, that dream of being on the US Women’s National Team became my sole focus. Beyond my new company or anything else, all I wanted was to be a part of that team. Each training weekend brought their own challenges, their own highs and lows, until the final one just last week. This was it- the moment of truth and the moment where I would see if I would accomplish my dream……

My dreams were never meant to be small, safe, imaginable. My dreams were supposed to be as grand and ambitious as possible. My dreams were to be accomplished only if I were to put my heart and soul into it. My dream, after fourteen long years, finally came true and, for that, I am eternally grateful and humbled.

However, even though I’ve now accomplished both of my dreams, this does not mean I’m done dreaming. Because of accomplishing these dreams, I’ve been able to create newer, larger dreams than ever before. My dream now is to win the gold medal at the World Cup. This gold medal, for myself and my US teammates, is now the standard we set for ourselves and the dream we all want to accomplish together. Time to get after it… July is only 6 months away…

A Little About Me

Hey guys, I’m back. It’s been a crazy first week of having my site up & running, but I’m loving every second. This thing is such an important part of my business, so I’ve been on it constantly trying to make it as amazing as possible for you all. I’ve been thinking about what to write for my new post all week & I realized that I’d never actually introduced myself in my first post. I think I was way too excited to tell you all about my site & failed to tell you about myself! So, here it is- a short intro into who I am, what I love, & where I’ve been & where I want to go.  

My name is Taylor Cummings. I was born on June 2, 1994 in Richmond, VA- a lot of people think I was born in Maryland, but I was a Virginia girl in my early years. I have one sister, Kelsey, who is a sophomore at Maryland & have an awesome set of parents, too- Carol & Mike. The four of us moved to Baltimore when I was 5 & have been here ever since. My dad played soccer in college at William & Mary & my mom was an awesome high school athlete, so playing sports for me was something that was just in my blood from the beginning. I started out as an (almost) elite ice skater, but soon found that I lacked a serious amount of grace and rhythm, so I eventually switched over to a different form of sport. I ended up playing soccer, basketball, & lacrosse all of my life & fell in love with competition the second I started.  I played on like 19 different teams over my years (thank you mom & dad for driving me all across the country) before eventually settling into lacrosse during my college years.

I went to McDonogh School for high school, one of the best decisions my parents ended up making for me. I had an amazing experience there, one where I made lifelong friends, played sports at the highest level, and got a one of a kind education. After McD, I went on to go to the University of Maryland- the best decision to date that I have ever made for myself. At UMD, I not only won national championships & conference titles, but I had the absolute privilege to play for the best coaching staff, with the best teammates & friends I could ask for, & for a school that I now consider home. Having just recently graduated, I am still in awe of how lucky I was to spend four years at a place as special as Maryland (more to come on UMD in later blogs!- I could go on for hours…).

Now, I am the founder of Taylor Cummings Lacrosse, a member of the Team USA training team, an Under Armour athlete, & a member of the Baltimore Ride in the UWLX. While I am still a player on the field, my role has now also shifted to a teacher & coach, a shift that has been an exciting, difficult, & educating experience all rolled into one! The game that I love is now at the root of my job, so I consider myself an extremely lucky girl every single day.

Now that you know a general background on my life, it’s time to get into some actual details about me, some you probably know, some you may not…

My favorite color is yellow. My favorite food is crabs. My favorite season is fall. My favorite movie is Miracle (could watch that again, again, & again). I’m OBSESSED with dogs- young, old, little, giant- I love them all. I’ve always told myself I will be a crazy dog lady when I grow up. I drink about a gallon of chocolate milk a day (Nesquik is the way to my heart). I hate cocky people & am absolutely terrified of clowns. No joke, if you show up at my house on Halloween in a clown mask, no candy for you. I love wakeboarding & skiing, am an avid Harry Potter fan, & have the most bizarre set of double jointed thumbs. I love my family, I love my friends, I have an awesome boyfriend & a truly amazing support system behind me every step of the way. And I absolutely love my life.

You’ll learn more about me throughout each blog post, but there’s a little insight into me. Tune in next week for another post.




Hi everybody! This is Taylor Cummings (obviously)… welcome to my site & my blog! First of all, I want to say thank you SO much for visiting  This has been a big project & something that has taken a lot of time & care, so to finally have it public & have visitors & blog readers & just flat out the smallest amount of interest in my site means so much to me. I couldn’t be more excited to get everything officially up & running, so once you’re done readying, go explore all the different parts of my site- there are some really cool things on here! The TCL site will have a bunch of different things happening on it daily, weekly, monthly, & so on, so be sure to visit it regularly! is the home of my weekly blog, registration links for camps, clinics, & lessons, an online store full of TCL apparel for sale, giveaways, & links to my YouTube page, all of my other social media handles, & so much more.  In terms of this blog, stay tuned every week for a special weekly post from me on every topic you could imagine- my family, friends, college experience, life after graduation, an inside scoop into Taylor Cummings Lacrosse, my recipes, random thoughts, & anything else I can think of for that week. Also, please feel free to suggest topics- trust me, anything will help! Every couple weeks I will be having a Q&A session via my blog, so feel free to email me at with any questions you have & I’ll answer them in these Q&A sessions! Ok, well, I think that wraps up my first ever TCL blog, so stay tuned for another post next week. Have fun exploring my site… I’m so excited you’re here!